About Us

Simply the Best !

Opened since 1993, W’s Entrecôte has been rated as one of the “Hong Kong Best Restaurants” for 9 years by HK Tatler.

As those who know this homely restaurant are fond of saying, you can order anything you like, as long as it is steak. And it is true.... almost. Open the main menu and all you will find is charbroiled ribeye steak, which the French call Entrecôte, with W's unique herbal butter sauce. The steak is served in a choice of three sizes, with French green salad topped with W's vinaigrette and walnut, and as many fries as you can eat. Steak is what this cheery place is really about, and simply it is inimitable - of truly high quality and carved into succulent slices before your eyes. Decor is in simple & relaxing French style and the service is simply friendly. Delicious cakes and pastries are made from original French recipe and thus irresistible. The wine list is undoubtedly excellent because it is chosen by W's owner, connoisseur Wilson Kwok, and the price is surprisingly reasonable. W's Entrecôte also provides outside catering services for all occasions with customised menu to meet your needs. W's pastries are available to any catering service outlets by request.